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Summer Sunshine 84/84

Summer Sunshine 84/84 published on 6 Comments on Summer Sunshine 84/84

Thorn (thinking): With everything I’ve been feeling tonight, I have no idea if Tiernan will be tearing up the furniture, or in heat. . . . Or both.

Thorn: Hi, sweetie . . . it’s okay, it’s just me! Or maybe I should say . . . sorry, it’s just me. You want me to let you out?

Tiernan: Mrrrw!

Tiernan (thinking): Don’t worry, I’ll get us some action.

Thorn: That’s my girl.

Text on Thorn’s smartcrystal: Hey, favorite niece! I remember you told me there were problems with labor rights in Sønheim. There are organizations working on that, right? If you have any favorites . . . let me know.

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can’t tell you how much I love that your teenagers are all extremely annoying but also extremely lovable and frequently validated by the narrative

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