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Summer Sunshine 8/84

Summer Sunshine 8/84 published on 5 Comments on Summer Sunshine 8/84

Thorn: So . . . do you want karaoke, or do you want to play the games, or . . . ?

Leif: Some of the games looked fun! Even though I’m sure you can’t really win the prizes.

Thorn: I can! Do you want one? I’ll get —

Kale: Hey! Sir knight!

Thorn: Kale?

Kale: . . . Yeah, I don’t remember your name.

Thorn: No worries! It’s Thorn.

Kale: Sure. Thorn. Can I borrow you for a minute?

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Seems like Leif expects the games to be rigged.
Now, who wants to put down money on Kale having hurt someone?

Nah, it’s too early in a festival like this to need to hide a body.

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