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Sweet Summer Children 11/16

Sweet Summer Children 11/16 published on 4 Comments on Sweet Summer Children 11/16

Iona: Do you fix up the servants’ clothing too, Katya?

Katya: Yes, young miss Iona.

Our uniforms, and the guards’, only come in a few different sizes. Captain Sigrún’s didn’t even come with wing openings, if you can imagine.

I tailor them to fit all different . . . proportions.


Iona (thinking): Uh-oh.

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Aaaand here we come to a major problem with compulsion spells: there’s no interpretation involved. Did you touch the boss’s kid? ZAP! Regardless of whether the option was grab the kid or let them fall, because there’s not really any nuance to the spell itself.

I wonder, though, how conflicting compulsions interact. For example, one compulsion might be “don’t touch the boss’s kids” while another is “don’t let the boss’s kids get hurt.” So what happens when those two conflict? Is it just a matter of whichever one is broken will go off, or does it cause some kind of interaction?


First issue: yeah, this is going to be the problem that is going to cause drama. Whether they help or not.

Second: that could be solved by prioritizing compulsions. “Don’t touch the kids” would rank lower than “keep the kids safe”, so one compulsion could overwrite the other.
Somehow though, I doubt the person designing the whole thing had thought compulsions like that through.

By diving into the way of her fall, she can be saved without purposely touching her.

I don’t think that could happen, they can’t either think of it in time or physically do it: they have to fall faster and further than she does.

I’m willing to bet that she will hit her head and be unconscious on the way down to boot. So when they try to bring help, all they’ll see is two servants and an injured little girl.

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