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Sweet Summer Children 1/16

Sweet Summer Children 1/16 published on 3 Comments on Sweet Summer Children 1/16

Sven: Smile! You girls look fantastic. Okay, a new pose.

Perfect! Your grandparents are going to be thrilled to see this.

Quality girls in quality outfits that would stand up to the fiercest Sønska winter!

Ragnild: Yeahhh . . .

Can we change out of them now? Ceanska winter is practically already over!

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This reminds me of how we take pictures here in Arizona (being Washington natives).

“Okay, now smile!”
“Mom, we’re standing on top of the mountain and the wind is blowing and it’s six in the morning can I PLEASE put my shirt back on?”
“No! People need to think we’re warm!”

Although, to be fair, I do occasionally have to think before I remember that February is still technically a winter month here, when it feels like a pleasant spring.

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