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Where’s the brain-frying ka-ZAPP? There was supposed to be a brain-frying ka-ZAPP!

That aside, I wonder if this means that there’s something wrong with his compulsions, or just that Iona has some authority over the compulsions (legitimately or not). I remember that the compulsions were overridden for a bit when her father gave very specific instructions during the party–something about being allowed to touch them for the purpose of taking them up to their rooms. So the compulsions react to verbal instructions.

Or else the brain-frying ka-ZAPP is going to show up on the next page and I’m reading to much into it 🙂

I just noticed – in the original scene where the compulsion kicks in, Ragnild says “if you’d grabbed Iona instead of me, I woulda smacked you.” Maybe the compulsion doesn’t extend to Iona, for just this reason?

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