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Sweet Summer Children 16/16

Sweet Summer Children 16/16 published on 10 Comments on Sweet Summer Children 16/16

Katya [signing]: We should keep this quiet. It would be presumptuous to think our superiors have made a mistake, let alone say so.

Leif [signing]: Oh, I see! Makes sense.

Katya (thinking): Yes, it does . . . just enough to keep you from saying something that’ll get you in trouble.

Iona (thinking): Something about the servants’ story doesn’t add up . . .

Iona: Hey, Ragnild?

Ragnild: Yeah?

Iona (thinking): But I think he was only trying to help. And maybe he’ll be safest if I say nothing.

Iona: . . . Nothin’.

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Commence random guessing!

The servants have deactivated the compulsions and are preparing for a coup!

Iona has some power that nullifies magic!

A compulsion can be broken by the power of true-love’s vomit kiss!

I’m suspecting the compulsion works on intent and attitude. And Leif’s intent and attitude were fine.

Now, if he starts assuming that he’ll be *fine* touching the kids when he’s catching them from a fall, *ZAP*! Because that’s just a bit too uppity.

Theory: there’s a loophole in the “all-covering, all-extensive compulsion programming”! (a.k.a. I agree with adam.)

Maybe all the secrecy is because Katya is afraid Leif has different goals in mind if he found out the compulsions were not perfect. He is more likely to report a bug in the system to a superior, who would tigten the constraints immediately.

Katya is probably working on (or is already managing) a way to use this loophole to win a tiny bit of freedom for herself in her life of slavery-by-another-name.

Or she might be biding her time with it, looking to use it for an eventual escape from her fate.

Or she doesn’t know what to make of it but is handling it avoid it causing any trouble. She might know by experience that even if she acted in good faith, her superiors might take a flaw discovered in the system to be a criticism of them.

She might not even have a plan and downplaying things by habit.

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