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Sweet Summer Children 7/16

Sweet Summer Children 7/16 published on 7 Comments on Sweet Summer Children 7/16

The image for strip #6 is fixed! So you can actually see the setup for Thorn’s question.


Thorn: Hey, what was that? The, um, on the neck?

Leif: You mean — the tattoo?

Thorn: Yeah! I never noticed it before. Is it new?

Leif: Of course not!

Thorn: Sorry! I don’t mean to be rude. Can I see? Is that polite?

Leif: I — O-okay?

Leif (thinking): Get ahold of yourself, Leif. This isn’t an interrogation. Even if it was, it’s not like you’ve tampered with the mark. Thån’s curious, that’s all.

And it’s not like he doesn’t know what you —

Thorn: It’s pretty! Does it mean anything?

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“It’s not like he doesn’t know what you-” …did? Are?

This is gonna be a delightful conversation…

I found this comic about four hours ago, (from an ad on Questionable Content) and just got through the archives. I think you handle the trans issue the right way, just making it seem commonplace. I love the comic in general so far too! It reminds me of Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire in the overall feel of (words are suddenly failing me, so I’m just gonna go with ‘the thing’), which, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a huge compliment. Oh, and I really like how you do the bilingual thing too, just having it all in English, and just leaving it to context for us to figure out which language people are using. A lot of authors seem to second guess themselves about how clear stuff like that is and end up spelling it out way more than is necessary. I’m looking forward to having another great daily webcomic to read!!!

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