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Sweet Summer Children 8/16

Sweet Summer Children 8/16 published on 2 Comments on Sweet Summer Children 8/16

Leif: Wh– You don’t — It’s from the Embassy. Marks the chip for my compulsions.

. . . Sir.

Thorn: Oh!

That’s . . . oh.

Thorn (thinking): It’s some kind of official thing! I didn’t realize. I really need to look this stuff up myself some time . . .

And change the subject before I make him any more flustered.

Thorn: Hey, Leif . . .

What if I rent you for an event where you need special clothing? Does that mean the embassy buys you something new?

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So the tattoo itself isn’t part of the magic, it’s just a visual indicator of a person’s status as an indentured servant, and marks the location of their compulsion chip.

It’s interesting that the compulsions are stored on a chip, which I can only assume is made of crystal like the smartphone-equivalents? I wonder if that’s a case of enchantments needing or working better on crystals or just that Sønheim uses a lot of crystals in their magic because that’s what they have. Or maybe it helps to circumvent the whole “magic goes weird outside of it’s home areas” thing.

I’m sure that at least some of this has been explained before but i’m not exactly the best at remembering details.

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