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Swim Team published on 8 Comments on Swim Team

With the main arc being All Winter All the Time, I had to get a summer Sunday in here somewhere, right?

…I haven’t actually decided if this is the summer before the Whispers scare, or the summer afterward. (“The autumn before the Whispers scare” is the first time we see Ragnild and Iona wearing these suits in the main storyline.) Might not figure it out until I have to decide “which print volume am I putting this in?”

Sven: Girls! Your tutor says you have history essays that aren’t finished yet!

Ragnild: But, Dad, Iona has to get her laps in! History will still be just as historical when we’re done, right?

Sven: . . . Okay. But once you’re finished, it’s straight back to homework, got it?

Iona + Ragnild: Yes, Dad!

Iona: Did you hear the guards threw a whole spontaneous waterball match?

Ragnild: Ooh! Who lost?

Hey, I heard Skagendska players get the most fouls, is that true?

Iona: Hey, it’s so cool you’re not afraid to play waterball, even with how all the other guards are taller than you!

Iona + Ragnild: Show us some of your awesome moves, pleeeeease??

Ragnild: Of course we’ll do the homework right after doing laps! And we’ll get the laps in right away — as soon as the pool’s free.

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