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Sword Dancers 11/23

Sword Dancers 11/23 published on 4 Comments on Sword Dancers 11/23

Sigrún: Nicely fought.

Thorn: You too! . . . Obviously. I yield.

In Ceannis it’s polite to offer a defeated opponent a hand up.

Sigrún: In Sønheim that request is universally a trap.

Thorn: Really! Thank you. I learned something today.

Sigrún: So did I.

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“I learned that you’re a total klutz when your boyfriend might be in danger/threatened, so it’s unlikely you were responsible for removing the bug because you would’ve messed up doing so”

…I wish, it’s probably not that easy.

Less Manipulate-y Lessons-

Captain Sigrún learned that Ceanska MEAN it when they yield.

Thorn learned that Sigrún is willing to believe someone who he has at sword-point.

I learned that my Browser’s autocorrect thinks “Ceanska will” is misspelled, but “Ceanska MEAN” is spelled correctly. check my website link if you doubt me.

That’s an impressively weird browser quirk, there.

Sigrún learned that she can use Leif to distract Thorn.

Thorn didn’t actually learn anything — he’s just keeping up a naive act because Sigrún didn’t fall for the trap the first time around.

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