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Sword Dancers 19/23

Sword Dancers 19/23 published on 7 Comments on Sword Dancers 19/23

Thorn (thinking): Is Katya supposed to be there? Or did . . . something . . . happen to Leif?

Round 1: Rowan vs. Geirölul

If he’s in some kind of real trouble . . .

. . . if he’s being punished, and if it’s because that woman yelled at him . . .

Well. It’s lucky for her that she’s not wrestling me.

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Well that’s one lost for Ceannis already.

Don’t be so sure. He could channel the fury into a win, possibly taking it too far at the same time.

No, I mean Rowan. Geir has him in a blood choke, that renders you unconscious in about twenty-twenty-five seconds.

Oh. I see. Could he not get out of it by slamming backwards to the ground, stunning her/making her lose her grip?

It’d have to be a hard enough slam, depending on how hard he lands he could do damage to himself as well. She even has her right arm inside his, keeps him from pulling her off his neck. Worse, since she’s off the ground he can’t disrupt her center of gravity by dropping or kicking her legs out.

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