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Sword Dancers 22/23

Sword Dancers 22/23 published on 6 Comments on Sword Dancers 22/23

Final Round: Thorn vs. Brynhildr

Bryn: Are we sure this is fair? You’re very . . . small.

Thorn: We are sure. My brother-in-law is always wanting to fight, and he is as big as you. I am having the practice.


Bryn: Wow! What branch of the Ceanska military is this brother-in-law from?

Thorn: . . . He’s a college choir director.

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I love everything but the third panel.

Grappling doesn’t have any direct striking or punching, so the sound effects are very off putting for me, particularly “pow” and “sock”. Grunting, groaning, heavy breathing, slamming against the ground, occasionally giggling because people who are extremely ticklish also grapple, occasionally fabric ripping — those are the sounds most often heard.

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