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Sword Dancers 2/23

Sword Dancers 2/23 published on 19 Comments on Sword Dancers 2/23

I picked most of the Royal Guards’ last names based on puns rather than sound, so if any of them are particularly jarring or unnatural, feel free to say so. They’re changeable.

Sigrún’s last name is pronounced like “story.”


Thorn: Reporting for friendly sparring: half of the Ceannic guards for the Sønheim Embassy.

Quince: Sir Quince Malina.

Violet: Sir Violet Dupont.

Thorn: Sir Thorn Estragon.

Rowan: Sir Rowan Muscade.

Pascentia: Sir Pascentia Zikos.

Sigrún: It’s an honor to welcome you to our gym, Order of the Chalice. Is that the same sword you’ve always had? It looked . . . shorter, the last time I saw it.

Thorn: It’s the same sword. Last time it was cold out.

[stoic / stoic / stoic / pffbt]

Thorn: And in the corner is Sir Juniper. They won’t participate, but will take notes for our own internal review.

Sigrún: Understood. Your opponents will be selected royal guards of Sønheim.

Bryn: Brynhildr Gyllenhallr.

Geirölul: Geirölul Lilblomma.

Sigrún: Captain Sigrún Storre.

Alruna: Alruna Haetta.

Róta: Róta Loptfreyr.

Sigrún: In our corner is a servant who will provide cold water as we start to heat up.

Leif (thinking): “Start”??

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Also, I am slightly baffled by the sword joke, but find it amusing nonethless.

Is a tangential dick joke

Yes, but why did Sigrun set him up for it? Or is this a reference to a change in the art style?

It might be a reference to me and my comment, because I found the swords too short as they were represented earlier (in my defense, they WERE compared to blade-to-hilt ratio). The author decided to make it a joke.

Just for my own curiosity- is this right?

Thorn- Broadsword
Violet – Broadsword
Rowan – Scimitar
Quince – Rapier
Pascentia – Longsword or Claymore (or something else)?

Longsword, although the crossguard is a bit short (yes, I am complaining about something being short again on a sword, although I can imagine the artist pickin one where that was actually the case). Not a claymore, those are a bit longer and have characteristic downward-arched crossguard with distinctive three-ring end (a trefoil?).

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