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Sword Dancers 4/23

Sword Dancers 4/23 published on 14 Comments on Sword Dancers 4/23

Round 1: Róta vs. Pascentia

Róta: “Order of the Chalice”, huh?

I hear that’s where they dump you when you draw a heartsword, but can’t pass the tests for anywhere else.

Pascentia: You do? Funny, I did meet the qualifications for the Army Northern Force . . . And the Ceannic Navy First Fleet, and . . .

. . . the Order of the Horn . . .

and the Order of the Axe . . .

the space corps . . .

the Ceannic Army Chorus . . .

I didn’t test into the veterinary corps, so you may have a point.

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I was half-expecting something along the lines of….

“That’s a common misconception, and not wholly inaccurate. The Chalice is where you go if you don’t excel in any ONE thing, but you’re damn good at many things.
♪~ Jack of all trades, Master of None.
A damn sight more useful,
than a master of one.~♪
Oh, sorry! did you want to keep hold of your sword? “

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