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Sword Dancers 5/23

Sword Dancers 5/23 published on 13 Comments on Sword Dancers 5/23

Round 2: Geirölul vs. Violet

Violet: Will this be fair? I have at least a foot taller than you.

Geirölul: In my country, we have a saying . . . “I’ll be taller than you once you’re unconscious on the ground.”

Violet: From the Drøfnsson Saga, right?

Geirölul: You know it?

Violet: I’m a fan!

Geirölul: Well, you should be saying “Dröfnsson.”

Violet: Wait, it doesn’t sound like Typøsson?

Geirölul: You’re not pronouncing Typösson right either!

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Also, why is it a diaresis in the transcript and a macron in the strip? I even zoomed in (since I’d imagine ø and ö would sound considerably more similar than ø and ō), and that’s definitely a macron in the strip…

They’re macrons in the transcript too — it’s literally C&P’d from the text in the strip. Could there be something up with your browser/device?

This is confusing to me as a Scandinavian 🙂
(Because IRL “ø” and “ö” are just different letters for the same sound in different countries — Norway and Denmark use “ø” and Sweden and Finland use “ö”)
So now I wonder… what is the in-comic difference?

I couldn’t tell you the difference in terms of mouth shape or IPA classification, but the joke is that, as far as Violet’s language is concerned, they are the same sound. She can see that they’re written differently, but she can’t pronounce them differently.

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