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Sword Dancers 6/23

Sword Dancers 6/23 published on 8 Comments on Sword Dancers 6/23

Round 3: Alruna vs. Rowan

Rowan: Do they grow all their guards in a vat up North? Because you look exactly alike.

Alruna: No!

Military is chosen from all groups. I am first in my district to be approved to foreign service! Team presents a single aesthetic to put fear in enemies of our unity.

Your team has no aesthetic at all. Maybe will make enemies perish of laughter.

Rowan: What do you mean, no aesthetic? We are gorgeous.

Leif: [sigh]

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… Alruna has a *very slightly* darker skin tone, doesn’t she?

Yes indeed. And Rota has a slightly more golden skin tone, same as Katya.

In terms of Sønheim ethnicities she’s an underrepresented minority, not that Rowan can tell.

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