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Sword Dancers 9/23

Sword Dancers 9/23 published on 8 Comments on Sword Dancers 9/23

Leif: Oh! Sorry — I’ll clean it up —

Geirölul: !!

Sigrún (flashback): Geirölul — find a reason to pick on the servant.

Geirölul: What kind?

Sigrún: Doesn’t matter. Anything you make up. Can you do that?

Geirölul: Yes, Captain.

Geirölul (present): . . . of all the clumsy mistakes! I can’t believe this! What do we pay you for?!

Leif: G-gardening, mostly.

Geirölul: And if you overwater the plants like that, I can’t imagine why!

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So much for Geirølet.

If she disobeys or doesn’t do enough, she is in trouble. If she obeys, she ends up creating an incident, for which she is in trouble. Except maybe if the Captain shushes it up, which is probably the way out she is expecting. Or maybe she didn’t think about it and just obeyed orders.

While I don’t have much sympathy for her bullying, she is stuck in this situation of semi-legal orders you can’t get out.

Actually, on second thought, I have no sympathy because she didn’t even put up a token resistance to the idea.

Maybe she did before, but now that the point is moot she’ll just go along with the orders.

Yeah, she is probably going along with this by knowing by experience that she has to. This sort of stuff might be institutionalized, which would not be surprising for slaves. Especially if she wants a promotion. Still, she is readily agreeing with bullying what are essentially servant subordinates at the bottom of the ladder.

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