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Szélanyanatt with the Embassy Guards

Szélanyanatt with the Embassy Guards published on 4 Comments on Szélanyanatt with the Embassy Guards

Geirölul: Hey, Alruna! It’s almost Szélanyanatt — are you ready to get festive?

Alruna: I thought I already was festive? Look, I have this jaunty wreath.

Geirölul: Oh, that’s right — you’re new here.

Every year, the embassy guards have a series of contests. The winner gets to dress as Queen Szélanya (and take a night off).

I won last year! Mostly because of how I crushed the archery contest.

The year before that, Brynhildr’s masterful knowledge of civics put her over the top!

Alruna: Doesn’t Captain Sigrún ever win? She’s good at both of those. And for the dressing up, she has real wings.

Geirölul: Another one of the contests is for “holiday cheer.”

Alruna: . . . That explains it. No offense, Captain.

Sigrún: None taken. Although I do have this jaunty wreath.

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But I have this jaunty wreath!

Doesn’t ‘jaunty’ mean ‘at an angle’? Whenever i called my cap jaunty, my parent would say ‘so straighten it’

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