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Text Posts Meme, #16-20

Text Posts Meme, #16-20 published on 7 Comments on Text Posts Meme, #16-20

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i think the word you’re looking for is bland. the explanation for the blandness (which you’re guilty of as well, swedes and danes, don’t fool yourselves) is i suppose that we’re white

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reblog if you’re gay and love plants


Havve you ever read a fanfiction where your OTP gets together in the 5th chapter but you look and see their are 27 chapters and you just

Oh no…..

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me: torment MY characters? this is a cute fluffy comedy, why would i- [trips] [google image search history spills from pockets] fuck those aren’t for that i swear i needed “wiping away tears” refs for something else i- [slips on a pile of searches] fu ck no “hugging crying” is unrelated i just- [more searches fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up] hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

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anonymous asked:
is it true that norwegians don’t like small talk?

useless-norwayfacts answered:

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I don’t really understand these text post meme comics. Where does the text come from? Why? Did you determine which quotes went with which picture, or did someone else? Did you ask your fans to do a caption? Did you put on whatever struck your fancy?

I don’t understand and it bothers me that I don’t understand.

Also, perhaps I’m being uncharitable, but I can’t remember seeing you say anything positive about this webcomic and that really bothers me.

You’re being quite a bit uncharitable. I really think that the romance is cute as fuck.

Negativity bias is a known cognitive thing. I’m glad you enjoy the romance; I also enjoy it.

I also enjoy the art style and storytelling. One of the reasons I’m sorta contrary is that my IRL job involves listening to people’s often stupid, anti-government opinions, smiling, and agreeing with them to keep them as customers.

Being able to object to things and share my own opinions is a major catharsis to me. I suspect it’s the same to them when they talk to me.

The text comes from Tumblr posts. When I see a post that reminds me of a Leif & Thorn character or scene, I save it, and pick a strip to go with it.

It’s a pretty common thing that people do on Tumblr, usually with screenshots from their favorite TV series. If you search the site for “text posts meme (popular fandom name)” you’ll probably find other examples.

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