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Text posts meme, #41-45

Text posts meme, #41-45 published on No Comments on Text posts meme, #41-45

#41 (source)​

not to be dramatic but I love every single cat on Earth and I hope they all get plenty of pets and nose bops

#42 (source)

now im not saying a sword will solve all of my problems but i mean it cant hurt either

#43 (source?)

som of you guys are so cool and nice and friendly, but if it comes down to it , i would not hold back in a sword battle. please keep this in your thoughts i love you

#44 (source)

im just a fish

swim swim swim pleasestopyellingatme swim swim swim

#45 (source)

Me talking to my pets; hello you pretty little baby why you so cute

Me talking to my boyfriend; hi

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