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Text posts meme, #46-49

Text posts meme, #46-49 published on 6 Comments on Text posts meme, #46-49

#46 (source):

me talking to a wlw couple: so which one of you is the sword wlw and which one is the blacksmith wlw

#47 (source):

turing-tested: whats that one fetish called where you and your partner mutually respect and care about each other very much

scrogms: love

turing-tested: kinky! i like it

#48 (source):

“scythes are impractical battle weapons” you say but i can’t hear you over the swish swish of my huge fucking scythe, which is cool

#49 (source?):

compliment a girl on something other than her looks

#i really like the way u murdered that guy #it was so beautiful

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What’s w|W?

Women Loving Women. It’s a broader category, generally speaking, than “lesbians.”

MLM is also a thing.

Serious question, how is it broader? I mean is it encompassing the entire LGBT+ community in that sense or is there something more intricate at play?

Garden scythes are definitely impractical battle weapons. Carpenters hammer and lumberjacks axe may be little better but still not ideal. If you want battle weapon, you need modifications. War hammers, war axes and war scythes are different from tools they share name with. Specifically with the scythe, the garden variety has the sharp blade pointing to YOU, that’s very impractical for weapon.

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