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Text posts meme, #56-60

Text posts meme, #56-60 published on 1 Comment on Text posts meme, #56-60

Regular updates resume tomorrow. Happy new year!

#56 (source?):

i know no one asked but i love being bisexual

#57 (source):

characters who crave affection but at the same time have no idea how to respond to actually receiving it due to the fact theyve rarely ever experienced it are my absolute favourite


characters? bitch this is me

#58 (source?):

Bitch. THere r so many hot buff butches im gonna die

#59 (source):

Get To UnKnow The Blogger!

anonymously forget something about me

#60 (source):

you ever fell in love with somebody like 5 times? like damn, I thought I loved you before but wtf is this next level shit

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