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The AU That’s Got Religion #1

The AU That’s Got Religion #1 published on 8 Comments on The AU That’s Got Religion #1

Thorn (thinking): What an imposing, majestic place . . . Fitting for the worship of Dómari the judge.

I hope it’s not too disruptive for the devotees to have a Iuilic scholar hanging around. They’re probably all very solemn, and highly focused, and . . .


Thorn: Hey! Be careful up there!

Leif: S-sorry!

Are you okay?

Thorn: I’m not hurt! You are one of the devotees?

Leif: That’s right!

Oh, and you must be the heathen religious scholar who’s visiting! That’s good!

Imagine if I had hit someone who didn’t have their own protective headgear.

Thorn (thinking): Already I’ve learned something new.

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Thorn, why are you smiling, you literally just got insulted.

Insulted? Or complimented on his religion’s foresight vis-à-vis falling objects and the protection of one’s head?

Also, this is a conversation in Sønska. The Sønheic people don’t really seem to consider ‘heathen’ an insult, so much as an accurate descriptor. It’s like getting offended that I was called “Blue Shirt” instead of “Azure Blouse” It’s accurate in the broad strokes, but I wish they’d used a less blunt term.

So just to be clear, they’re not trying to be assholes, but they’re still being assholes.

If I meet a really religious person, and they are, um, disturbed by my lack of faith, it’s not necessarily their choice of words to describe me that will bother me, but their condescending and judgmental attitude. Like, for instance, if they don’t call me anything at all but start going on about how only a person with religion (specifically theirs) can have a moral code or even be a good person, etc.
I’d rather be called a heathen, if it’s done with no other intent but to describe me as a non-adherent of (their) religion.

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