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The Burns and the Bees, part 1

The Burns and the Bees, part 1 published on 9 Comments on The Burns and the Bees, part 1

That’s right, I’m doing another Sunday mini-storyline! This time it won’t be dragged out over half a year by main-plot interruptions, either. This time it’s planned.

A café with Ceannic food that isn’t hard for Leif to eat . . . in short, mostly fruit & sugar.

Leif: Thorn . . . I hope this doesn’t offend you, but . . .

Well, I’ve been looking up articles about your recovery. From the dragon? Like, the physical stuff. The burns and all.

Thorn: Um . . . I’m not “offended”. But . . .

A lot of the news about that is wrong. They’re guessing. Or making things up.

— at least, that’s how it used to be. It got hard to read, so I made myself stop looking at it.

Leif: Yeah . . . I thought it might be hard for you to talk about, which is why I didn’t just ask . . . But the articles kept contradicting each other. Or saying things that I can see in person are wrong.

And a lot of them take a very prurient interest.

Thorn: Sorry, I don’t know what “prurient” means —

[tap tap tap]

Leif (typed): It means they were inappropriately nosy about how/whether you have sex now

Thorn: You know . . . that’s not “prurient” when it comes from you.

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…Okay no one in the US really cares about a war hero’s sex life, but Ceannis does?

People in the US love to speculate about the sex lives of anyone whose body is unusual due to a disability/injury. (Which is why Leif leads up to this by asking about the burns.) The kind of bodily harm Thorn survived is basically unique in Ceannis — if not on the whole planet.

As we also saw with the officer talking to Juniper a couple strips ago, the general public knows from the news how serious Thorn’s injuries were, but may have a spotty understanding of how much he’s recovered.

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