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The Burns and the Bees, part 2

The Burns and the Bees, part 2 published on 16 Comments on The Burns and the Bees, part 2

Thorn: Maybe . . . this is a good time to find out if I can talk about what happened. I don’t know where to start . . .

Leif: Will it help if I ask a question? Did the, um, fire hit you from the left, or from above? I found people saying both.

Thorn: Oh — it was from all sides. Well, except for under my feet.

Leif: How . . . ?

Thorn: Think about it . . . a dragon has the same, um, parts as any other animal. You can kill it if you hit it in the heart, lungs, or brain.

This one was so big — Our heartswords could never go deep enough to reach the heart or lungs. We planned to kill it with magic . . . then it burned up all our mages.

I only had one chance. If I could stab it through the . . . I don’t know the word. Can I show you?

Leif: S-sure.


Leif: That part’s called the “soft palate.” I think. Maybe you should show me again.

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And now I ask about the system Ceannis has to prevent/counteract something like this and where specifically it fell apart in this situation.

Specifically, the leader of the mages’ team made an overconfident call, and nobody else had the authority to override him.

…He actually lived through it, and we’ve seen him in a previous strip, where Thorn reacted badly but avoided saying why.

Oh I meant why no one could stop the dragon before it got to this point. I got from Thorn’s reaction that Cornelius was the ranking officer of that situation. Though I didn’t know he was also in the cave, so I will give him credit for having the balls to go in.

Never said he was in the cave…

Crannies doesn’t have a system to prevent nature from being nature, only systems to deal with the results.

… to continue discussion from

1) Had Marula any knowledge which would allow her to determine the water mages will fail, or was she just generally unsatisfied with the fact that all the knights were supposed to be just distraction and that the plan relied on mages?

2) I see Thorn’s attack was totally improvisation having nothing to do with original plan. Although the plan MIGHT still be good – maybe it would work if they just brought better mages, like Ivy … I mean, Ivy how she will be in five years, not Ivy how she was back then.

3) Conflicted feelings about the person who came out with that plan not being dead considering it’s Ivy’s grandpa. Didn’t caught that before.

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