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The Burns and the Bees, part 5

The Burns and the Bees, part 5 published on 5 Comments on The Burns and the Bees, part 5

Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation on this post! The poll is now closed, this information committed to canon.

Thorn: So . . . now we’ve talked about everything except the thing you really want to know about, right?

Leif: I didn’t –! It’s not like that! I want to know everything — I care about all of you —

Thorn: It’s okay!

I know you do. I’m just teasing, kitten. I know.

Thorn (thinking): How much should I tell him . . . ?

  • came back uncut
    • don’t know how to say “circumcised” in Sønheic
    • not a Sønheic tradition anyway, might have to explain the whole thing
    • unless he researched Iuilic traditions?
  • more sensitive now
    • too explicit to say in public?
    • too sexy to discuss if I can’t show him?
  • infertile
    • not relevant
    • we’re in no position to want kids
    • but he wants to know everything

Thorn: Those parts had to be re-grown. They still work mostly the same for sex, but they don’t work to make kids. Is that okay?

Leif: Y-yes! Of course that’s okay.

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I want to know what the Iuilic Talmud has to say about Thorn’s situation

Speculation welcome.

I think there’s disagreement between the rabbis who think he needs to get re-circumcised, and the rabbis who think once is enough. But in practice it depends on how observant the community is–more traditional rabbis will make you have a second bris, and more modern/assimilated rabbis won’t care.

Do Iuilic folk in Ceannis have similar ideological distinctions to North American Jews?

Well, there’s no religious observance or obligation involved, so I wouldn’t try to map anything directly.

But there’s definitely a spectrum of how insistent people are on following/upholding all cultural traditions. And there’s differences of opinion about how those traditions apply in unusual situations.

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