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The Burns and the Bees, part 6

The Burns and the Bees, part 6 published on 4 Comments on The Burns and the Bees, part 6

This is your confirmation that Clover also had PAIS.

Someone should maybe mention that to Hyacinth, huh?

Leif: This explains a thing I was wondering about . . . Wait, are you feeling okay? Do you want to go home and hug your cat?

Thorn: I want to take a nice slow walk with you! Finish the thing you started to say.

Leif: Well . . . That time you got magically transformed to have tentacles? You were Worried about getting all your original scars back. But not all your original . . . parts. I was very impressed with how cool you were!

Thorn: And now you know I’m not cool?

Leif: No! Now I see you were cool because you had them grown back once already.

For a while, I also thought maybe you had sex-related dysphoria? So you’d already gotten magically-induced phalloplasia to fix that.

Thorn: Ah, Leif . . . I learn new words from your cop shows, not your medicine shows.

Leif: Oh! It’s, um . . . when you want the parts, but your genes didn’t make them.

Thorn: Ohhh, I know what you mean. It’s a good guess. But it’s not me. One of my moms — She had a thing that I really don’t know your word for. But it means I could get the “Y” set of genes from her.

It’s also the reason my sister and I were made in a med clinic . . . When I was young, I didn’t know there was anyone who couldn’t have kids at all.

Leif: . . . It’s not like you’d want them with me anyway. I can’t afford — They’d be taken away.

Thorn: ♥

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