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The Calling 5/7

The Calling 5/7 published on 4 Comments on The Calling 5/7

Sigrún (call): Ludolf? Sigrún here. We need some extra pets for the evening.

Ludolf: I’ll make some available.

What qualifications do you need?

Sigrún (call): Women with cute voices. Or anyone who can sound like a woman with a cute voice.

Alruna: I am none of those things. Why am I getting called in for this?

Geirölul: Because, Alruna . . .

. . . you speak basic Ceanska, and some of these local kids don’t know anything else.

Call: Princess? Are you there?

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Oh lovely, they call all the servants pets.

Pet might be no more offensive in Sønhenic culture than referring to the person who stocks the shelves at the local grocers a clerk. The Proprietor of the Sønska restaurant they visited for Thorn’s birthday called Leif a “pampered Embassy pet.

That, or Manager Ludolf needs a refresher course on “They are our property. that means you treat them like you would any other bit of furnishing, i.e. don’t drop-kick the fine porcelain.”

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