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The Calling 6/7

The Calling 6/7 published on 7 Comments on The Calling 6/7

Bryn: Captain? I think you should play Princess for this caller.

Sigrún: Bryn, I’m letting this happen because it would tarnish Sønska culture to break a bunch of children’s hearts on Szélanyanatt. But someone needs to keep an eye on the actual security needs of this Embassy. Why should I step away from that?

Bryn: Because this girl has wings coming in. Nobody else in her family has them. She sounds scared.

Sigrún: Once you get used to them, they’ll feel as natural as your arms. I promise. The hardest part is having to alter all your clothes . . .

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Was/is Captain Sigrún the only one in her family with wings, or does she just understand how it feels to be that age and have them come in? She seems to be the kind of person who takes her job seriously (which can have her coming across as scary/overly strict/etc), but still has a soft spot for children.

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