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The Calling 7/7

The Calling 7/7 published on 2 Comments on The Calling 7/7

Narration: And so, all that night, the staff of the Embassy brought joy to the hearts of Sønska children across Ceannis.

Everyone worked together, until Every call was taken.

I think Queen Szélanya herself would have been proud of us.

Thorn: Because it was the spirit of generousness, which is the true meaning of Szélanyanatt?

Leif: Yes! Also, because we billed S-Mart for all the overtime.

Thorn: . . . What?

Leif: Szélanya was the Queen who ordered that everyone in Sønheim must be paid what they’re worth.

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I mean “make sure you pay your workers overtime” is a much more actionable moral than “the spirt of generosity”. Which means, in my case, I spend $150 at departments stores and $20 on charity.
My brother worked in hospitatlity for a couple years. His boss was conviced that wage theft meant he was ‘stealing’ for punching back in when his boss asked him to do ‘just a couple more things’.

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