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The Calling 7/7

The Calling 7/7 published on 8 Comments on The Calling 7/7

Narration: And so, all that night, the staff of the Embassy brought joy to the hearts of Sønska children across Ceannis.

Everyone worked together, until Every call was taken.

I think Queen Szélanya herself would have been proud of us.

Thorn: Because it was the spirit of generousness, which is the true meaning of Szélanyanatt?

Leif: Yes! Also, because we billed S-Mart for all the overtime.

Thorn: . . . What?

Leif: Szélanya was the Queen who ordered that everyone in Sønheim must be paid what they’re worth.

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…even the foreigners? Progressive.

Of course, I suppose they’re worth less than Sonheimers, so it pans out in the end.

I do wonder if this prompted a switch from slavery to indentured servitude (“we’re still paying them, technically!”), or if indentured servitude was already in effect, or if that came about later.

Yeah. I wonder how “what one is worth” was defined at the time, and how that definition has evolved…. and, if the current system is one the good Queen would be proud of. Maybe, and maybe the original was “interpreted” over time (not that this sort of thing EVER happens in THIS world….)

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