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The Cat in Black

The Cat in Black published on 3 Comments on The Cat in Black

Woman in Black: Hey, ah . . . Which of these million brands of cat food do you recommend?

Thorn: Did you just get your first cat?

WiB: . . . it’s that obvious, huh? Uh, she’s a 2-year-old with no health issues, if that’s important.

Thorn: Well, my cat does have health issues . . . which give her unusually picky tastes.

Thorn (thinking): Technically, a therapeutic soulbond is a health issue.

Thorn: What was yours getting before you got her? Or did she stop eating that?

WiB: No, I just . . . ran out. She came with this little mostly-empty bag of Meownton Tabby? And I don’t see any more of that around here.

Thorn: Oh, that stuff’s right around the corner! I can show you.

WiB: Really? Thanks!

Thorn: No problem. What’s your cat’s name?

WiB: I’m still deciding. What were your runner-up options from when you named Tiernan?

Thorn: Well, if she’d been a different color, I liked —

— hang on. I never told you my cat’s name.

Who are you? Are you following me? Do you stalk people on commission, or is this just a hobby?

WiB: Whoa, whoa! Okay, listen, you know how you’ve had suspicions about running into a magically-unmemorable secret agent? That’s me! We’ve met on the job several times. We’re on the same side!

Although this time, I swear it’s a coincidence and I really just needed cat food.

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