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The Commitment 1/40

The Commitment 1/40 published on 7 Comments on The Commitment 1/40

Hermosa (thinking): The windows don’t open . . . and even if I broke the glass, these are serious bars. It’s the same in the bathroom.

The other end of the room opens onto a hallway, with people in med uniforms doing rounds.

The telecrystal can receive broadcasts, but I can’t connect to the net or make calls — unless I request them through an operator. If they’re not monitored, I’ll eat my hat.

This is not my beautiful house. How did I get here?

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Well, at least the government was smart enough to black bag him on the way to wherever this is.

Or he had a fugue-state incident while in transport.

Or he may be having one NOW. Or more generally, his memory is not reliable anymore. Note that he doesn’t seem to question how it would be possible to get there without remembering it, just how he got specifically here.

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