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The Commitment 15/40

The Commitment 15/40 published on 8 Comments on The Commitment 15/40

Hermosa (thinking): It’s 3013? Then I definitely won’t have the current codes. Dex will find a way to help no matter what, but — Have I been locked up the whole time?

No . . . breaking out was too easy. I would’ve done it before. Dex would’ve done it before.

Are they imprisoned too, and Northwind told me they’d be safe if I behaved? Was I given that easy escape route — as a setup? Am I bait?

Or . . . did I really get sick? Is that a real, non-evil facility that Dex picked to care for me? But they didn’t leave any sign that I could trust it —

Voicemail: This is Dexie! I don’t need more insurance, I don’t want a timeshare, and I can’t get you free museum tickets. For anything else, leave a message!

Hermosa: Honey? It’s me. I’m lost. Please come get me.

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Awful bold of you to assume telling people you don’t want [insert annoying thing you’re being called about here] is going to stop people from leaving you a message about it

Actually, do those really annoying robotic cold caller systems exist in this world?

Likely not. If Revenge Porn isn’t possible, I’m willing to bet that Cold Calls aren’t either.

That still leaves the possibility of “Hi~! You signed up for our service, so we’re calling you about additional offers!” But at least you wouldn’t get calls about renewing a vehicle’s warranty when the warranty ran out a decade ago and they literally no longer make parts to repair it.

Wondering who is holding the telecrystal Hermosa is speaking into.

Pretty sure it’s the person we saw him borrowing it from in the past couple of strips—who I assumed was just a random shopkeeper, but the tags helpfully point out that she’s Marula Boatman, chair of the National Pie Council. If she’s also clerking a pastry shop (looks like she’s behind the counter in Wednesday’s strip), evidently she has her fingers in a lot of… *ahem*

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