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The Commitment 16/40

The Commitment 16/40 published on 8 Comments on The Commitment 16/40

Marula: Wait! Can I call an Ubercorn to take you somewhere?

Hermosa: Nooope, it’s a lovely night, I’ll walk!

Hermosa (thinking): I gave Dex the code for a safehouse, it isn’t too far . . .

Why can’t I find it? Was it moved in the past . . . lots of years? Or did the area around it change too much to recognize? Or I just forgot where it is. Or it was never there at all.

My head’s spinning. Am I pushing on a mental block? Was it put in to limit me, or protect me? Or is this part of my — of the — of me being really sick?

. . . also, I haven’t eaten since breakfast. So it could be that.

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