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The Commitment 17/40

The Commitment 17/40 published on 3 Comments on The Commitment 17/40

Agent: Sorry, Agent. No sign of him at any safehouse, office, or checkpoint.

Del: Well, do stay on guard. He may not fully remember what he’s supposed to keep secret.

Agent: Anyone else we should notify if he shows up? Considering the other Agent D is . . . you know. The sister-in-law?

Del: No — I’ll take care of contacting her.

Del (thinking): Pascentia mustn’t get any calls with privileged information while she’s at work. Once she’s out, I’ll let her know to join the search on foot . . .


Unless this is good news?


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Jeez, Dexie, are you trying to deafen her? Don’t scream in her earring, or you’ll make her ear ring!

First page I’m actually viewing on mobile! I like the layout of everything below the comic much more than having to pinch-zoom constantly. I just wish the comic itself had a horizontal scrollbar like has shown up on wide comics/sketchbooks on desktop, so I don’t need to swipe left again to get the text block and comic arrow-swords stuff.

If relevant: Android, Chrome 88.0.4324.181

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