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The Commitment 19/40

The Commitment 19/40 published on 5 Comments on The Commitment 19/40

Dex: . . . He called me. Return callsign was a bakery — I’ll forward you the address. Said he’d be at Alley Ops. I take it he hasn’t arrived.

Del: They’re watching for him. No sign yet.

I’m canvassing the area in person. I know you’ll think this is a trap, but: your on-site help would, no doubt, be much more effective.

Dex: I’m very far from Central — and that’s all the intel you’re getting.

Del: I hear the faint sounds of ocean waves . . . lovely weather . . . steel drum players . . . Added to what I know of your linguistic skills: United Islands?

Dex: That’s literally a broadcast I have going on in the background. Stars above, Del, it’s not me you need to be finding right now.

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Nothing wrong with Del trying to to their best in everything they do (Sorry, I’m not sure with Del’s pronouns)

Del is She/Her.

As for Dex, I suspect they are making a token effort at counterespionage here. We know the wave sounds are legit, so the steel drums may be as well.

Yes, I am absolutely still hoping to see Dex holding a colorful cocktail with a slice of fruit as a garnish, but I’m also trying to temper my expectations. It’d be a little weird for Dex to go get a drink in this specific scenario.

Same time, it is a very token effort. Even a burner can still be traced to a location using the tower it was pinging off, and even if smartcrystals use magic they can probably use some magic crap to backtrack it to a rough area.

Meaning Dex has to know this and they’re already moving to make sure nothing can be found connecting them to this rough location.

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