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The Commitment 22/40

The Commitment 22/40 published on 12 Comments on The Commitment 22/40

So I’m testing a new thing: there’s a row of buttons above the comic that lets you toggle between sizes on mobile. Comment on the “updating the layout” post to let me know what you think!

(Note: all sizes are in the Northern Lights theme. Switching to a different site theme will return you to the current default zoom.)

WiB: I work with your colleagues. They’re searching for you. Stay put here, and —

Hermosa: Ahh!


WiB: Napkins. I’d be happy to pour for you?

Hermosa: No — I can do it —

Hermosa (thinking): Even if she’s an enemy, they must’ve figured this out by now . . .

Hermosa: I have this “seeing depth” problem. I have to take things slow, and double-check distances, to compensate. Forgot to double-check there.

If you’re with my colleagues, why haven’t you called to say you found me?

WiB: I have this “being remembered” problem.

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Oh, interesting, is the seeing depth problem from before Kudzu? Or is it just a function of his trauma that he doesn’t track that it’s unusual/that he doesn’t remember the cause?

This one’s another Kudzu effect. (Dex talks about Hermosa having to adjust here.)

Stereoblindness (can’t see depth) and aphasia (can’t think of words) are both possible results of damage to specific areas/connections in the brain. The spellgem eyes are transmitting the information, but his mind can’t interpret what they receive. Similar to Laurel’s faceblindness, where her eyes are processing faces just fine, but the neurons that should be cataloguing and recognizing the features are totally checked out.

Hermosa knows this is a new issue — he was a veterinary surgeon before, and if anything, surgeons need stronger-than-average depth perception.

He hasn’t been dwelling on it because it wasn’t hard for him to work out “welp, this probably has the same cause as all the other new injuries and difficulties I don’t remember getting.”

Theory; Could the mess done to Hermosa’s mind by Kudzu make him able to remember WiB’s existence, if not fully see her face like Iona?

I… honestly can’t tell the difference between the different sizes on mobile. Maybe it just doesn’t work on my phone? iPhone 11, in case that helps.

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