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The Commitment 24/40

The Commitment 24/40 published on 11 Comments on The Commitment 24/40

WiB: On the bright side — you said something earlier about waiting for the news to play a life-relevant story?

Well, take a look at that projection right . . . about . . . now.

News: You loved their song and their heartsword ballet, now watch our full interview with the Kolpovision contestants from Homu!

Hermosa: It’s important to my life that Homu competes in Kolpovision now?

WiB: That could’ve been so impressive if I actually nailed the timing.

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Time to place our bets! What will the newsreel show that’s relevant to Hermosa’s life?

Well, Northwind Prismacueticals is in the news with the trial having just wrapped up… maybe Experts weighing in on the stirred-up discussion of Kudzu-level Dark Magicals?

Would anything we know of prevent Gloriosa and Oleander from going to a reporter? I can’t remember if they were around when the mages showed up.

So, I forgot to ask this because I think my brain short-circuited at the concept, but Homu does at least have a defense force, right? Some kind of national body designed to react to military aggression?

Frankly, Homu is one of the countries I haven’t done any significant worldbuilding for. Their defense force could be average…it could be the best in the region…it could be a dog in a camo hat.

Same with all the other countries that only came up during Kolpovision. I’ll nail down the specific canon details if it ever becomes relevant to the story. (Which there’s a good chance it never will.)

Is this where we link the images of New Zealand’s Navy (two guys in a rowboat) and similar?

Also, is the dog playing poker? ;-]

Reminds me the joke about const-effective approach to armament of small states under control of soviets: oldster on bicycle with backpack … but the backpack contained nuclear bomb.

(According to wikipedia, the reality is not THAT bad. Royal New Zealand Navy frigates are serious looking ships, not rowboats. Both of them.)

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