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The Commitment 25/40

The Commitment 25/40 published on 10 Comments on The Commitment 25/40

I was binge-watching Scientology and the Aftermath on Netflix while working on part of this storyline, so as much as Bennet is in-universe Colbert, this is in-universe Leah Remini.

WiB: Okay, let’s see about the next one . . .

Bennet: Although Northwind was a business, some experts have described it as “basically a cult.”

Could other cults be inspired to use magical mind-control, when people don’t respond to their regular manipulation? Could they be doing it right now?

Our guest tonight is Peony Romarin, cult survivor turned activist, who will take us through the horrifying possibilities —

Peony: Actually, Mr. Amande, I don’t think other cults will be pulling this off.

In fact, let me tell you something — if they’re smart, they won’t even try recruiting magicals with these powers. When was the last time you saw a cult implode as hard as Northwind, hmm? And I give all the credit to Magical Kudzu.

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Any relation to Kale or Olive?

Well, not Kale directly, but damn would it be an effective way of building an identity for WITSEC for your New Life to have built-in family ties to people.

What I’m saying is I’m not ruling out Peony being an SOoMH agent lending authenticity to Kale’s cover.

Interesting idea. Or Peony could be a new identity along the lines of the US’s Witness Protection.

Probably not, though; as I recall, Romarin is quite a common name.

I’ve previously advanced the idea that SOoMH agents have cover as the Ceannic equivalent of US Marshals, the org that runs the United States’ Witness Security Program, and as I was tired when I wrote my post, I conflated the two organizations wholesale. Your take is the more realistic one.

I must’ve missed when you did. The counterpoint is that if they’re their own group and not ensconced within the wider Ceannic intelligence or law enforcement apparatus, there’s much less room for deniability and hamstrings them to possible interference via external review boards and increased public visibility.

No matter how this interview goes I hope Kale isn’t watching it. I doubt it will help with his mental health at this point.

I’m not intending to argue with you. I’m just feeling confused. I don’t understand people a lot of the time when I feel like I should, and I think this is one of those times.

Why would this be bad for Kale’s mental health? My reading of this lead in is it’s completely consistent with the story that he told. I don’t know where Peony is going with this, but it could be the same place.

I’ve heard other people, some of whom were mental health professionals, saying similar things about stories that were consistent with particular mentally unwell individuals’ stories and were basically about them. I don’t understand why such stories would be bad for the people to hear, when they’re basically what the mentally unwell people were saying was their story.

Could you please explain this?

This person is basically saying it’s a good thing that kale did all that very illegal and unethical mind control that caused permanent brain damage and so on. Kale feels very bad about having done those things, and has probably spent a lot of therapy time discussing how to live with what he’s done. Hearing someone say it was actually good goes directly counter to those therapy sessions he’s worked so hard on, so it would be very upsetting and scary.

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