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The Commitment 28/40

The Commitment 28/40 published on 9 Comments on The Commitment 28/40

New on Patreon: a whole strip I finished and then deleted, plus some hints about the future plot where it’ll come back.

Pas: He’s at the Moose Grill on 5th and Maple. A little foggy, but okay.

Del: Oh, thank all the stars and spirits. Let’s meet in the usual place, shall we?

Hermosa: Pas . . . I forgot that you worked with . . . us. Am I in trouble?

Pas: . . . Not much.

The doctor whose things you “borrowed” is fine. Though he would like them back. And doesn’t want to work with you again.

Hermosa: Okay. I sent his smartcrystal away . . .

Pas: We noticed. Make this easier for us next time, won’t you?

Management will comp him for the food, too — I assume you paid for this out of his account, somehow. At least you kept it cheap.

Hermosa: That must be how I got it, yeah.

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Pas: Make this easier for us next time, won’t you?

One would hope there’s not going be a next time. Perhaps some flavor of “Roll °212!” with a quick “Hey, me. Montmere went south. Calyx died. Kudzu tried to protect you when your cover was blown. He hurt you trying to protect you. Dexie tried to avenge themself on Kudzu. Kudzu is safe. Dexie is on the run. You are in safe custody being treated for your wounds, mental and otherwise. You were better but you’ve had a relapse.”

Hermosa used WiB’s chip for the food, which makes me wonder how traceable that transaction was.

If the chip was analogous to a credit card or most debit cards (or smartphone apps that connect to a bank account), that transaction would be traceable to someone. Either WiB, a cover identity, or she was using the company card of Secret Order of Monster Hunters shell company.

Alternatively she could have handed him the equivalent of a preloaded debit card, potentially untraceable.

Thanks to WiB’s ability presumably they’ll accept this excuse even though it has more holes than a doily, but it makes me curious how WiB goes about her daily business and transactions. A chip that would trace back to her own identity because it’s not like anyone would follow up on her trail anyways?

Thinking about this, the only one I feel I can rule out is it being SOoMH that Acai isn’t directly responsible for.

At first thought, it seems like the personal finance thing would be a suspect line. But, the thing is, my bank does not remember me. My credit card companies do not remember me. The accounts are stable, I always have a positive amount of money in my bank accounts, and always pay off the balance in full, so there isn’t any need for any interaction with me from the banks’ perspective.

Now, if *I* have issues with how one of the banks handles one of my accounts, that’s another matter. In most cases, it can still be resolved without direct interaction, so long as I’m willing to do my business by mail.

When I had a company credit card, back in the day… that required several people to remember me, and kept getting cancelled because one of the people forgot who I was, combined with the account being just idle enough that they could do this… usually within a few weeks of me needing to use it again. That was a hassle and a half.

The computers remember you. The real issue here is how the chip even works with all forgetting magic around. Maybe it’s specifically shielded? Maybe it MUST be company credit with Acai directly responsible because it’s only way to make the magic work?

The forgetting magic scrubs “identifying information” specifically. Can’t recall anything that’s about her appearance, or personal information like her name and country of origin, but notes she writes that contain no information about her (e.g. “Tickets for Leachtrich go on sale tomorrow.”) will be normally memorable.

That said, I’m gonna guess it’s HKMaly’s suggestion: the chip doesn’t need to remember her at all. she just needs to know the PIN(or whatever) to enter, and Acai can keep the non-specific account topped up.

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