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The Commitment 37/40

The Commitment 37/40 published on 8 Comments on The Commitment 37/40

Pascentia (offscreen): You can’t go rogue to do secret assassinations on your own, Dexie. That’s obviously the government’s job.

And with you on the run, your hopeful and optimistic husband is having a rather difficult time. In spite of our best efforts.

He will keep struggling. His memory will lapse again. He’ll re-derive the bright idea to fix it, by inviting Kudzu back into his head.

And if you haven’t turned yourself in by the next time? We shall let him try it. That’s my promise.

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…well damn, now I’m not sure which of those outcomes to hope for.

I mean… Dexie may have had the best of intentions, but they were either missing information or they were willfully ignoring information because they couldn’t get over their grudge. Hermosa LIKES Kudzu as a friend. Kudzu literally threw every scrap of his then-shattered life away to keep Hermosa alive, then spent a period of time keeping Montmere completely under his thumb to keep an entire city stable.

All Hermosa can see is the scars, he can’t see the tumor that Kudzu excised… Which is rather ironic, since he’s a government-sponsored assassin.

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