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The Commitment 38/40

The Commitment 38/40 published on 19 Comments on The Commitment 38/40

Hey look, it’s the apartment building last seen at the end of Observation Dex. (I’ve been making more textures, and collecting Clip Studio assets, so it got a glow-up.)

Delphinium: [lock]

Hermosa: [thumbs-up]

Hermosa: [home]?

Pascentia: [check]

Hermosa: . . . This is not my beautiful house.

Pascentia: It’s the flat you’ve lived in since Montmere. Perhaps it’ll help bring back the memories?

Hermosa: Okay, that is my beautiful lamp.

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Love the faux text boxes boss. Consent is not about just what they say, it’s how they say it.

I’m…not.sure how the pictures make a point about consent. Especially since Hermosa has no ability to consent one way or the other.

I don’t understand how his fugue state would make him unable to consent to, by the looks of it, an ankle monitor to track his location and going to a more familiar and homey environment. He has strictly less information than if he wasn’t in a fugue state, and I expect that when he remembers the last five years he will also agree with the choices made here.

I think he lost any rights to consent to monitoring or conditions from the SOoMH the second he told Dex to not turn herself in.

While that is a fair point, it’s important to note that thus far the SOoMH have been treating him as a human being that needs help, and not like a hostage or criminal. He’s a victim, and they’re very well aware of that. Aside from that, having him consent to it himself and having record of that wipes their hands of any legal actions that might bring about from anyone not savvy about what’s going on.
There’s a lot of good and bad reasons as to why they would want that consent, but the fact they took the time to ask for it is what was being pointed out here. That they’re treating him like the living, breathing person he is, as opposed to just another tool to capture their runaway Dex.

Ah, not “he’s incapable of consent”, but “his consent would be irrelevant”. Maybe so, but asking first is the kind thing to do.

Speaking from experience? “Asking” might as well be “ordering” in a lot of contexts. I could be “asked” if I consent to a search of my room when I was in the barracks, but what I hear is, “We’ll be back later if you say no, and we won’t ask.” And this was without being in deep shit like Hermosa is right now.

I believe I may have been misinterpreting the panels. By the lock I thought Delphium was telling Hermosa that he would be returning to confinement, and he was tacitly consenting (my reading of tacit was due to the squiggly lead into the speech bubble) because he thought he didn’t have any other option. Then he checked with Pas and negotiated into going home. I missed the ankle monitor, which is probably what the lock is referring to.

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