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The Commitment 4/40

The Commitment 4/40 published on 8 Comments on The Commitment 4/40

On a happier note! February’s Patreon bonus wallpaper is some uncomplicated Dex/Hermosa fluff. Going all the way back to the pre-Kudzu years for this one.

Doctor: Basic facts first — can you tell me your name?

Hermosa: Hermosa Dulac.

Hermosa (thinking): Let Northwind think I don’t even remember getting married.

Doctor: Fill in the numbers 1-13 on the clock face?

Hermosa (thinking): Drawn while doing an impression of a person with hemispherical brain damage.

Doctor: Tell me about one thing you saw yesterday.

Hermosa: There were these pretty vines . . . growing in the windows.

Doctor: Are they there now?

Hermosa: No! Did you move them?

Hermosa (thinking): Sorry, Kudzu . . . I’m just flat-out cribbing from your hallucinations at this point.

Doctor: Name the four objects in the picture?

Hermosa: Uh . . . it’s, it’s the thing you eat . . .

Hermosa (thinking): Oh, stars, this isn’t an act! I know what they are — but I really can’t find the words.

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Can’t really blame the guy. He’s had a memory slip and last thing he remembers is his infiltration mission. If he suspects this doctor is working on behalf of Northwind it’s only natural he would try to fudge the results to make himself seem like less of a threat.

Faking not remembering getting married, makes sense. But why the hallucinations and hemispherical brain damage? Getting incorrect diagnosis could be dangerous when they start treating you …

I think his plan is to use social engineering to appear brain-damaged in a way he knew other moles were to convince Northwind agents off that he’s been ‘neutralized’ so as to make it easier to escape, and he won’t accept treatment if/when the staff offers it.

And by ‘won’t accept treatment’ I mean he’ll appear passive right up until he sees his chance to choke out the doctor and steal his clothes and ID badge since he noted that the doctor is about his height and shoe size.

So… he has no memory of needing artificial eyes, but he remembers Kudzu’s hallucinations? Did Kudzu have those from way back as well?

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