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The Commitment 40/40

The Commitment 40/40 published on 13 Comments on The Commitment 40/40

The one big drawback of “comprehensive and well-maintained character tagging” is, it’s really hard to keep y’all in suspense on this kind of Dramatic Reveal.

Hermosa: Do I know them??

Pascentia: I don’t. Who are you? How did you get in here?


Marula: Relax! The Order decided you needed better security. So they sent me here for backup. The fact that I got in so easy just proves how much you need it, y’know?

Nice to meet you! You can just call me Agent M.

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I guess no one remembers Marula now, huh? Or is it just that Pas never met her?

(Also, this is probably gonna put a LOT of wrenches in any plans Dexie has to rescue their charming and wonderful husband, and I for one cannot WAIT to see the shenanigans that ensue.)

Pas joined the team after Marula left it.

If I remember correctly she joined the team shortly after Thorn’s public PTSD episode at the BBQ place.

I don’t have good enough memory these days to confirm or deny that entry point.

In any event, Pas was definitely not on the team yet when this comic started, and Marula was already off the team at that point. Their first in comic appearance was in 2017 August, according to the tagged posts. Marula’s first tagged post was in 2016 November, and was introduced as a “you haven’t met” on that page.

I think you’re permitted to fib in the tagging for a good dramatic reason; in this case, “Agent M” might have been substituted for “Marula Sheaver”, which wouldn’t really even be much of a fib.

Alternatively, a “Dramatic Suspense” tag would be fair. XD

Okay, people who understand this shit better than I do, what is the most effective way to handle Marula? Because the only way I’d see handling her is tacit social excommunication coupled with punitive measures if they kept being disruptive to good order nd discipline.

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