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The Commitment 8/40

The Commitment 8/40 published on 10 Comments on The Commitment 8/40

Hermosa: Thanks for the reminder.

Staff: Not a problem. Are you new? You don’t look familiar.

[“signing out” on a random line]

Hermosa: Sort of — I won’t be a regular, I’m a specialist.

Staff: Oh! What specialty?

Hermosa (thinking): Ooh . . . the only words I can think of are for my real one . . . And “veterinary surgery” probably doesn’t cover anyone here.

Hermosa: I’d rather not say. Doctor-patient confidentiality.

Hermosa (thinking): Please pay attention to my confidence, not to whether that even makes sense.

Staff: Of course! Have a lovely afternoon.

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At first I was gonna be angry about how unsecure this facility is, then I realized they might be leaving him roam to try and lead them to Dex.

Agreed, but I’m betting on Dex and Hermosa having a pre-established cutout that Hermosa is going give a message to transmit. I will eat 4 ounces of unseasoned broccoli stems if Dex is still in Ceannis at this point.

Little early to go globetrotting when we still haven’t seen too much of Ceannis yet though.

You’re not wrong, but there are also at least four countries that haven’t even gotten to be a ‘background shot’. Dex at an outdoor bar in some tropical locale, sipping a drink with one hand while holding a burner smartcrystal to their ear with the other, absolutely furiouscalmly chiding Delphinium about how transparent letting their husband escape as a tactic for drawing them out and how if one is going to throw that old chestnut down the alley, you should make sure you “don’t. lose. the. bait.” is a very entertaining concept to me.

Then again, I have been binging Burn Notice lately…

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