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The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier published on 12 Comments on The Final Frontier

Scientific names include “thermospherical spirits,” “cislunar spirits,” “void spirits,” and the admirably simple “dark spirits.”


Everyone in Ceannis is familiar with the common spirit types. You know that they’re divided into the same domains as most magical-girl abilities. And you know how useful they can be for non-mages around the house!

lighting lanterns!
washing dishes!
fixing cracks!

“Star spirits”, though, are a category all their own. For most of human history, they were just a popular myth. So “domain: stars” became the traditional classification for magical girls who don’t focus on a single specialty at all, but learn a bit of everything. (Like me!)

Then, in the past century, we got into the upper atmosphere . . . and discovered a whole new class of spirits, past the limits of where terrestrial ones can survive. Of course the general public immediately started calling them star spirits.

Scientists have tried to come up with less-ambiguous terms. None of them have stuck.

Right now star spirits are how we run the Pancontinental Space Station. In the future, they could be used on ships built for actual deep-space travel. If you zoom in, they look like this! Any questions?

Hyacinth: Yeah. If I have to wear a uniform for this, can I at least put on some proper goth makeup?

Holly: That would be against regulations for Starfl– I mean, star spirits.

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That still doesn’t explain how they got up there or how they are able to fly to space.

I’m not sure if this is the comic strip that is supposed to explain that though. 😆

Do they look like bed bugs on purpose?

They look like these adorable badasses:

One of which (this is what the refrance*) has made a recent appearance on the new Star Trek, as they are orders of magnitude more indestructible than cockroaches, so there has been legitimate scientific speculation that they might survive, albeit dormantly, in space.

* Sorry, that was a completely unrelated reference that I just couldn’t resist including for the boss.

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