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The Incredibly Successful Dating Life of Rowan Muscade

The Incredibly Successful Dating Life of Rowan Muscade published on 7 Comments on The Incredibly Successful Dating Life of Rowan Muscade

More of Rowan’s attempts at dating, or “reasons why Violet was not at all surprised when the Cute Bar Guy left in a huff.”

The guy in the first two panels is a cameo for a Patreon supporter! Specifically, it’s a cameo of one of the D&D characters of a Patreon supporter.


Rowan: You’re pretty good at handling a sword! Want to try more moves back at my place?

You couldn’t be wronger about heartswords if you tried!

Mako: Sounds like a challenge.

Rowan: Just cup your hand around it and squeeeze.

That whole idea of unicorn herd dynamics is a myth! Comes from research that was debunked twenty years ago!

Grocery store guy: And I should have left twenty minutes ago.

Shopkeeper: Oh, we make those potions . . . we just keep them in the back.

Rowan: I’ll take six.

They don’t even use any faerie dust! It’s all a big scam!

Shopkeeper: Either we change the subject, or I’m putting my pants back on.

Rowan: You’re pretty good at handling a snake . . .

Herpetologist: It’s all about feeding them enough dead mice.

Rowan: . . . Let’s not try that back at my place.

Wings are a natural phenomenon, not a “miracle”!

Herpetologist: The real miracle here is the fact that you got me into bed at all.

Rowan: One person who’s smart and sexy. That’s all I want.

Violet: Weren’t you flirting with one of the guys here at the observatory? What ever happened to that?

Rowan: Um . . .

Rowan: You’re a physicist, not any kind of cultist, and have a robust appreciation for serious science?

Physicist: Oh, yes. And that’s not the only thing I have that’s robust~

Rowan: Well, you are interrogating the Epic of Rhódon from the wrong perspective!

Physicist: I’ll see myself out.

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Rowan is going to either marry an extreme doormat that never disagrees with him, or someone who eats, drinks, and breaths actual debate (ie, both sides are open to changing their opinion if sufficient evidence is presented in opposition to a stance; yes, this assumes Rowan can actually debate, instead of just proclaim), and they fall for each other’s mind and fighting spirits.

I received my Kickstarter book in the mail, read it, read it again… XD This has always been one of my favorite strips. I think it’s so funny that Rowan can’t seem to balance his desires with his intellect. And I like all of his pickup lines XP

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