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The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, #3

The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, #3 published on 10 Comments on The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, #3

Hyacinth: I did not say this! I don’t even know what I could’ve said that would make Angelica think I meant this.

Vine: I did say that, kinda, but she makes it sound like I was egging her on — I was trying to talk her down

Hyacinth: This is how she talks about us behind our backs?

Vine: I officially un-buy everything she’s ever said about Hazel.

Hyacinth: . . . We need to bring Hazel in on this. Find out what Angelica’s been saying to her.

Vine: What, like — now? She’s napping. Or resting her joints or whatever.

Hyacinth: Okay, I’ll just check on her. Wait here, Vine. If she’s not up for talking, I’ll be right —

— Hazel?

Have you, uh . . . been sitting by the door this whole time?

Hazel: No — I laid down for a while. Then I came back. I just . . . didn’t come in.

Hyacinth: Um . . . Why?

Hazel: I wanted to know what you said about me when you didn’t know I was listening.

Vine: . . . Checks out.

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I mean… Hopefully they can all bond over how toxic Angelica was being, what with Vine outright saying that EVERYTHING Angelica has said to him about Hazel is now suspect?

I wonder if Hazel specifically heard her name and decided to stop then or if she just heard them talking in general and wondered. If it’s the second one that’s even sadder.

At least on the next page I know they’ll talk it out!

… weird, I didn’t though the conversation took them so long. How much COULD she heard?

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