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The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, #4

The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, #4 published on 10 Comments on The Musical Night of Hyacinth Lavande, #4

First saw the “blurred dialogue when a character is too spaced-out to process the words” trick in Lore Olympus, and it was too good not to swipe.

Hazel: I know I make your other friend upset . . . I thought maybe I annoyed you too, and you were just too polite to say so . . . But if I could overhear how to fix it —

Hyacinth: Hazel, hold up. I — um, I don’t think I should show you the specific chats, but —

You don’t annoy us. And if our other “friend” implied that you do, she was lying, okay? It turns out she does that. A lot.

Hazel (thinking): It really wasn’t me . . . ?

Vine: She’s been trying to get me and Hyacinth mad at you — but, like, telling both of us that the other one was secretly hurt — And it’s not true!

Hazel (thinking): I wasn’t missing rules that people are supposed to just know, because I’m bad at being a person . . .

Hyacinth: I think she’d flip out if I blocked her, but I’m muting her account on Facetbook and Polishr and everywhere. Oh, but if you wanted to just block her, that’s totally fair!

Hazel (thinking): This wasn’t normal teen stuff that I was supposed to be able to shrug off and not take seriously . . .

Other people saw it too – Other people think it’s not right

Vine: Hazel? Uh, you okay?

Hyacinth: Sit down — she’s out of water, Vine, can you —

Hazel (thinking): I’m allowed to not be okay

Vine: Already on it!



Tansy: Is everything okay with you kids up there?

Vine: Yes Ms. Tansy everything’s fine thanks for the snacks!!


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Stars it hurts when you figure out that it’s not just you being bad at socializing because you’re new to the group.

I have 100% confidence that Hyacinth and Vine will help Hazel weather the incoming emotional overload to the best of their collective ability.

I know this is off topic, but I am glad you read Lore Olympus too! This comic and that one are such completely different styles but at the same time kinda have a same feeling to it, and they both are two of my favourites, so reading that made me happy!

Oh… I… oh dear, I found some feelings I was not expecting here today. I’m glad Hazel’s getting a good kind of overwhelmed, but this has definitely brought up some less good memories for me. (I will be ok, just didn’t expect to think about school bullying that was 20+ years ago today.)

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